Thursday, December 30, 2010

Buy your kids an electric bike or scooter and help keep them away from video games

Before you think, how to get your kids to see more of the outdoors and away from their computers, video games, and movies on blue ray, you could interest them to play outdoors with a very cool electric bicycle or an electric scooter.

After getting your kids to turn the electronic play center off, you can then convince them to ride an old fashioned bike that uses pedal power of their feet.

While electric scooters and electric bicycles don't allow your kids to exercise, its a start to get them to play outdoors, and that is the most important goal to motivating your children to use the video games less and exercise more.

Battery Life:
While the next generation of electric bikes use a new kind of lithium ion battery, that weighs much less and lasts much longer, you will have to pay for this extra benefit.

If you want to start with a low cost electric scooter, you may be interested in the razor e100 or e300 with a seat or without. In some sales, you can find the e100 or e150 for less than $100.

It may be good to start your child off with a non electric razor scooter, so they can get their balance and feel first, then introduce them to an electric version.

By starting your child off with an electric bicycle or electric scooter, you are also teaching your children about using alternative energy and saving the earth of toxic gases and chemicals.

A very inexpensive choice for a place to purchase the bike or scooter is walmart. walmart also has a terrific warranty, that should definitely be purchased when you buy the scooter or bike.

e500 w/ seat

e300 blue

e300 red

3 yr warranty

electric bicycle

electric bike hybrid

very cool - next generation electric bicycle

lithium ion - mens bike

3 year warranty (less expensive electric scooters and bicycles)

3 year service plan for more expensive bikes and scooters (over $1000)

the service plan that fits most electric bikes and scooters that we recommend:

long range electric scooter - ezip with lithium ion technology - our recommendation

Monday, November 29, 2010

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

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